Complete Consultation

If you feel strongly about Future Fit’s options that it is seeking views on, it’s vital you complete their online consultation. It’s the best chance to make your voice heard and say how the options would impact on you.

Before you complete the consultation, it’s very important you know about why we think option 2 is better for you.

Option 2 will give the local NHS at least an extra £3.3m each year to spend on more GPs and nurses. Option 2 of the Future Fit proposals will cost the NHS a massive £63 million pounds less. This means that the cost the NHS will need pay on the loan is greater under option 1 and this money could be put to better use. Our preferred option would give the NHS an AT LEAST an extra £3.3million a year that they could spend on more GPs and nurses. 

Option 2 will allow the NHS to invest in a second state of the art cancer centre. Option 2 costs less and could free up funds to be spent  on a second state of the art cancer centre at Princess Royal Hospital.

Two thirds of all children and pregnant women admitted to hospital live nearer to the Princess Royal Hospital. Most of the births and admissions at the Womens & Children's Centre are to patients who live closer to Princess Royal Hospital than Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Choose Option 2 to keep the new £28m Women and Children’s Centre where it is. It makes no sense to move it.

More than half of people having planned operations live nearer to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Planned Care is pre-planned operations that you receive at hospitals. The majority of people who receive planned care live closer to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Average emergency travel times are shorter to the Princess Royal Hospital. Under Option 2, that’s where the Emergency Centre would be based. 6 out of 10 people admitted in an emergency live closer to Princess Royal Hospital if alternatives providers are taken into account.

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Complete the consultation

To complete the consultation you should visit the FutureFit website. On the website you can find out more about the consultation, read and download their key documents including a paper copy of the consultation that can be returned hen completed by freepost, and you can also complete the consultation online.

Paper copies will be available to pick up in locations across Telford & Wrekin shortly. We will update this page when materials have been distributed.