Shrewsbury favoritism and bureaucratic blindness

Shrewsbury seems to be favoured because it is nicer for the doctors (who don't want to live in Telford) and it is easier to access for the people of Powys (who depend upon Shrewsbury because of poor provision in their own county) and neither of those factors has any bearing upon the clinical needs of Shropshire. I've already written to NHS England and it seems they aren't interested - they just refer back to Clinical Commissioning Groups as the relevant people to contact - it's just a bureaucratic merry-go-round. I contacted the Department of Health and they just parroted that the Secretary of State would come to a decision - and we now know the decision. I can't believe that the minister could have been in possession of the facts when making that decision, supporting an idea that will cost more than the status quo and that nobody in their right mind could possibly consider a good idea. I could almost believe that going ahead with the ideas of Future Fit transcends politics and is most about not owning up to the folly of a decade-long bureaucratic review in spite of all the evidence against it. As all of Shropshire's MPs are from the governing party, you would think that they could combine to press for common sense, but then I hear that Daniel Kawczynski is being a fly in the ointment - perhaps angling for a ministerial post rather than thinking of Shropshire?

Shaun Davies

Hard to have any faith in T&W council's actions. They should have been working together all the time with each other & MP's instead of bickering. How disingenuous of Shaun Davies to say the rise in costs is a concern from a group who have cited cost as a partial justification for their argument at every turn. How could they not realise? I do not imagine any of the FutureFit team who have been treading water while SD's group have been objecting (years) are on minimum wage so how much has that wasted that could have supported service provision? Do not think there is ever likely to be agreement. Perhaps the best solution is to upgrade both sites so that people can be better served. This needs to be about more than money or politics.

Ophthalmology Department

Do people know that the ophthalmology Department has completely been moved to Shrewsbury? My husband can no longer see his consultant although he is slowly going blinds! Because of a stroke a few years ago it is impossible for him to go to Shrewsbury hospital and so his case has been closed. Thanks Trust, Future Fit and NHS for nothing.

Future Fit

I am fully behind Shaun Davies and his Team in fighting for full A&E and hospital services for Telford. This week I made a visit to RSH to visit a friend. All car parks were full and it took me at least 20 mins to find a space, right at the rear of hospital well away from the main entrance. When I entered the wards it was obvious that tgey were full to capacity and the staff were stretched and under extreme pressure. I have listened to comments made by Shrewsbury & Atcham MP Dan K in support of Future Fit. He does not convince me, we desperately need a fully operational Telford Hospital and we fully support Shaun and the Team. Pity Mark Pritchard was not as fully committed. Keep up the good work.


How can you justify closing Telford A&E when Shrewsbury A&E close their doors every Saturday evening and send everyone down to Telford A&E which has to take the diverted casualties from Shrewsbury as well as Telford.

Fed Up

When can we stop banging our heads against a brick wall? Telford has at the least quadrupled in size in the last 40 years and is rapidly growing. To move our services is insane, ill thought out, flys in the face of all common sense not to mention the sheer expense of settling all those wrongful death lawsuits. The parking at both hospitals is a joke! The grounds torn up all over the place at Telford and constant late for appointments ir missed due to parking. We need investment and a really strong hospital. Get this solved for the sake of everyone in Telford.

A & E Closure

As far as I can see the communities themselves agree that two A & E Services should remain. Shropshire is the largest geographical county in the UK and large populations around it's two principle towns. It makes sense that two A&E's remain. Rather than cost cutting, please streamline the services so that they remain in place and become more cost effective together. Talk of closing one or the other will always get a negative response. Telford Hospital was born out of Telford people raising their own funds to build it in the first place. Justification to keep both should be made based upon drive time to reach EMERGENCY services in order to save lives, not simply to save money. Perhaps some of the management levels should be removed and further support given to those vital nurses and doctors on the front line, where it I needed most.


Price going UP and Shrewsbury saying its political.....Then they say the DOCTORS [300] want it....Go with common sense


We need a and e we need mother and baby unit. Why do we have suffer those changes Telford too Shrewsbury good mean life and death. I am sick of changes that just make every thing worse. Please jeep prh as is with all I've spoken of.

A&E Telford

ask the people who want the A&E moved to shrewsbury, how would they feel if a family member had a heart attack whilst walking in coalport, if it takes 45 mins to reach shrewsbury and found that they were too late.

A & E closure / downgrade .

To say " we would very much welcome the opportunity to work with our M.P s " is something that Telford and Wrekin council should have done a long time ago .In fact it appears to have been the opposite . There is strength in numbers , united we stand etc etc. Politics should have been put to one side in this most important issue but alas it has not .

Loss of urgent hospital facilities at Telford

I feel the loss of A & E total coverage in Telford is as sensible as opening the hard shoulder on the M.6. This facility is without doubt, the most lmportant that NHS does deliver,this is not forgetting the removal of any other needed sevices. One only has to be aware of existing waiting times,these are not doing very well at all. Do the powers that are, truly believe Shrewsbury hospital deserve our problems. Surely the promise from Boris,must alter previous bad plans.Population is the only positive guideline I.e.Telford versus Shrewsbury, I could go on and on.

Hospital plans

Why move hospitals leave everything here in Telford stop wasting more money. I was told the other day I might not be able to have treatment on spine because its up to the commissioner's ti make the decision, so I might have to suffer but they like to waste money plus waste on people to get bands fitted to lose weight which doesnt teach them to eat healthy so most people start over eating again more money wasted The nhs needs to sort priorities out

Health Care

Telford is a fast growing town and we need our own fully operational hospital complete with a 24 hour A & E anything else is NOT acceptable. We also need greater access to GPs, having to wait 2 weeks to get an appointment is not good enough and only puts more pressure on the A&E department. ALL of our MPs should be working to this end and not having one Shrewsbury MP only thinking about his own constituencies he is out of order thinking just one hospital is enough to serve the whole of Shropshire and part of Wales.

United communities on health care

Excellent and positive piece. Will support your approach, initiative in any way I can.

Proof read

It concerns me when statements made by officials aren't proof read before publication. I make mistakes like this when I simply can't be bothered to read through what I have typed.

Shropshire hospitals

Everyone seems to be pulling together to find a fair solution to the hospital care in Shropshire by opposing the ludicrous solution put forward by Future Fit. The only dissenting voice seems to be the self serving MP for Shrewsbury.

Future Fit

I cannot believe the amount of money that has been wasted on this project and the fact it has gone on for more than 10 years when I first heard about it. One hospital for the county has always would have solved this problem of one against another. The cost of the maternity unit again will prove to be a waste if it moves back to Shrewsbury. Because to use the maternity unit I'm sure will involve more expenditure to make it suitable for general use. Please just make the right decsion for us all in Shropshire and stop this power struggle and waste of resources in a time where we should be caring for what we have.