Future Fit.

Telford`s PRH. was built under New Town legislation, is this law still on the statute book. If so are the CCGs breaking the law??

Future Fit

It is with disbelief throughout the process that I have read the nonesense both fromk Future Fit and the CCG to move the Women and Children's Centre built at a cost of 26 million ponds is the thinking of morons! Where are most children born? I think that maybe PRH as we have the younger dempographic. Yesterday evening my fourmonth old grandson became very distressed and went red around his neck which blistered. Fortunately we still have an A&E at Telford, my son who was born in Australia to British parents, knew what it was likely to be as a baby he had the same problem. His wife though was extremely distressed and without our A&E she would have been more so driving to Shrewswbury to find an A&E. They were both admitted and the little man was seen by a Paediatrician who decided to try different formula, the baby settled and slept as I guess my daughter-in-law did too. We were very worried but at least they were in Telford. Yesterday my son was running around as there are two more children to care for, one went to school whilst the other one after checking on her brother spent the day here. Wake up Secretary of State lok at the demographics Telford is a young up and coming town in which the particular son mentioned has a thriving business. People my age fought for our hospital and raised money to help it come to fruition it should be expanded not demoted. It is in a much better setting that Shrewsbury and everything is off one main corridor in the main part. Why do you think Labour won in Telford because the representatives have passion, a passion to protect the people of this borough from utterly stupid actions of those who feel we come second best to Shrewsbury! Sorry this is so long but I too am passionate about Telford and our hospital.

Better use of funds

Perhaps the time has arrived for Shropshire to reconsider a new-build purpose built District General Hospital located somewhere between Shrewsbury and Telford. The site at RSH is valuable residential land and the hospital is an aging asset. PRH could be re-designated for minor activities and rehabilitation. This approach would provide a new asset that would be future proof for the next 40 years during a period of rapid population growth in Telford and other parts of Shropshire. Future Fit as currently configured does not have longevity..