Government must act urgently and take very close interest in SaTH

The Government must take urgent and even closer interest in the way that the Trust that runs the areas two hospitals, including Telford's Princess Royal, is managed, the Council’s leader has said.

Government must act urgently and take very close interest in SaTH

This follows the decision by the NHS to impose new conditions on the Shropshire and Telford Hospitals Trust (SaTH) following inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) this spring.

Last year the Trust was placed in “special measures” over patient care.

The latest conditions placed on the Trust's include requiring it to implement an effective system to assess all children presenting at its emergency departments within 15 minutes of arrival, as well as ensuring it has the right numbers and mix of staff on duty to undertake triage and escalate clinical risks in a timely way.

The CQC visit in April highlighted concerns about children leaving the department without having received appropriate clinical assessment, too many people waiting too long to be seen by staff, insufficient protection for patients with mental health issues and  having “not always robust enough'' monitoring of people suspected of having sepsis, a concern raised at the previous inspection.

Council leader Shaun Davies said: “The Council has been raising concerns with the Government and NHS about how SaTH is run now for a number of years.

“We welcome recent changes in senior management at the Trust but these will take time to have an effect and that is why urgent action, support and resources are needed now.

“Government ministers must take a personal and very close interest in what’s happening at SaTH because we have been warning them and NHS senior managers about it for years.

“We want best healthcare for our area as possible. In so many ways we are supporting our hospital and the hard working staff there who face very difficult challenges.

“We continue to stand by ready to support them and help turn this situation around.”